Valerie B.
Customer, Florida

I have been a tomato grower for many years. Last growing season I used My Harvest Gold Organics. I Placed four plants in the My Harvest Gold Organics and four plants in my usual growing media.
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Gavin G
Greenhouse Manager, California

The results from the trial were overwhelmingly positive. We did a trial with 130 plants total. Fifteen were amended with My Harvest Gold Organics and the other 115 were controls. Out of those plants, 121 made it into flower from the initial transplant.
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“Solid solid solid. No pests or mold. No signs of disease.”

“The silica retains more water in the soil, in my tests it was around25-30%, or watering 3 times verse watering the control 4 times. The plants that had MyHarvestGold applied to soil, showed bettercolor in the leaves, as well as overall branch growth and size almost 40% bigger. Same results with coco.”

“Once I saw my other plants showing results less than a day later, I added it to the other half of my garden and now the garden is so filled. I noticed it improved every stage of our perpetual garden, we cut nearly a month of wait time off of our cycle.”

“What was radically distinct was the stretch or height and the rate of maturation. The plants with MyHarvestGold matured much sooner and grew much taller.”

Danny Senske
Master Grower

“I’ve been growing cannabis for 30 years and using MyHarvestGold in all of my grows since I first tested it 2 years ago. I’m getting more resin, more terps, bigger root mass & stalk diameter — actually around 30% more of everything. There’s Something Magic About It!.”

“I got in the ground way late in the season and even suffered hail damage and even with that stacked up against it, the crop came out way better than expected. Your product saved my season!”

“The My Harvest Gold plants towered over the other plants and the stalks were stronger and I didn’t have to stake them. They produced more flower, which had the best flavor.”

“On average, plants grown in MyHarvestGold + soil developed a20% increase in total biomass over the control and 39% increase in total biomass over sand + soil.”

“Before MyHarvestGold my feeding schedule was feed, feed, flush – once a week. With Harvest Gold Organics, I have eliminated afeeding schedule and now I feed, flush, flush. No run-off, and I have increased my yield substantially.”