Simple Mixing Formula - ( MHG to 1 to 9)

Add 1 part of MyHarvestGold Premium Soil Conditioner per 9 parts of soil used during planting to the planting hole before placing your plants. Mix uniformly. Add water

Start New with MyHarvest Gold

Before planting, add 1 part MyHarvestGold Organic Silica to 9 parts soil or growing medium. Mix, Water, Grow! Hint: Give your plants extra love by adding extra silica (no mix) beneath where the seed will be planted or at its roots.

Add to your Existing Grow

Already planted, No problem! Simply top dress & water. No change to your regime.

Large Farms

No Till: Add to seed hole before planting or simply top dress entire area.

Till: Add to soil as you till on the last pass, at the least depth. You want the silica to be closest to where the roots will be.

Already Planted: Apply topically nearest the plant. IN all cases, contiinue with your current regime. You’ll find you’ll need to water less!
1 acre = 1 supe rsac

Grow Houses

Success without hocus pocus!

Growing: Simply top-dress and add water
Transplanting: Add directly to the bottom area where you inster the plant by the roots.

Extra Boost: Add to the entire area surronding the transplant. No mixing necessary.

Recycling: Just add, mix, Grow! 9:1 ration.

Easy application in 4 simple steps


Add Organic Quality Soil


Mix in MyHarvestGold Organic Silica


Plant as you normally would



For container plants, raised beds, and gardens:

Mix 1 part MyHarvestGold Silica with 9 parts soil or other medium. Or, add to top of soil surrounding plant.

Note: Our organic silica cannot be administered via irrigation module The sand is too fine and could clog the system.

For gardens or raised beds:

For every 2 ft. x 4 ft. x 1ft. area, thoroughly mix 6 lbs. or 2 bags of MyHarvestGold into the soil mixture and water.

For lawns:

For every 60 sq.ft. of lawn patches, evenly spread 3 lbs. of MyHarvestGold water. Want your lawn to look like a golf courses? Lightly top dress, water, repeat.