What is MyHarvestGold? 85% Organic Silica

The Highest % Silica Available on the Planet

MyHarvestGold is an naturally-occurring organic silica derived from quartz, with a unique mixture of micro & macro nutrients, harvested from an ancient, mineral-rich seabed in AZ.

When watered, the silica and minerals time-release, strengthening stalks and enhancing the growth of roots for better nutrient uptake.

The unique silica shape regulates water & nutrient absorption, improving drainage, helping to prevent root rot & bacterial/fungal mats.

Culminating with improved root structure and increased foliage, yielding more flower, fruits, and veggies.

Silica reduces the threat of pests and disease, creates plants with stronger cell structures, improves nutrient absorption, protects against metal toxicities, and ultimately improves overall crop performance.




  • Bigger Roots, Bigger Fruits
  • Increase Foliage & Yield
  • Improve Water Absorption &
  • Increase Nutrient Uptake
  • Reduce Water/Feed & Increase
  • Long-Term Soil Quality
  • Help Plants Adapt to New
  • Increase Resistance to Stresses
    like Temperature Extremes, Pests
    & More
  • Revive Plants in Distress

Add to Existing Regime, See Results Within Days




30% MORE


8.4 pH





“Pays for itself 15-20x’s over!”
“I swear I sleep better at night!”
“There’s something Magic about it!”
“More Density, More Resin, More Trichomes”
“I went from 48 grams to 65 grams! That’s a 35% increase.”
“I’m Getting More Wax and More Shatter- I’m loving this stuff”!
“Didn’t Have to Change My Recipe – Just Mixed it in my Canna Coco- EASY!”

“My first run with MyHarvestGold silica was very successful. I mixed it with 4 of my pre-98 plants and had 28 pre-98 plants as my control group. I have had my pre-98 strain for about 14 years. It consistently produces about 50 grams per plant. With the MHG, each plant produced about 64 grams. A significant increase. All clients happy as can be; some noted “more flavorful.” I have consistently pulled 16 to 18 lbs per harvest for three years (5 per year). I successfully pulled 21 lbs of my Green Apple OG. Biggest one yet. Clients claimed it was one of my better runs! I used my same recipe, just mixed the MyHarvestGold into my Canna Coco! The magic organic sand mix! I will be using MHG in my 5000 Sq Ft state-licensed facility that I am consulting for, Panther Bud, in Palm Desert”.
Danny Senske, Master Grower for 30 years| Greengo Consulting

“During the season I picked up some hemp clones where the roots hadn’t had a chance to take hold. By the time I got them, 50% were dead. After two weeks of watering with and applying MHG, I was able to bring back 400 of the 800 bad clones. I put them in the ground as I did others, just MHG and native soil. To date 373 of those clones will be harvested this season, and they would have surely died if I had not applied MyHarvestGold. Your Product Saved My Season!-Sierra, Fruit of Gaia Hemp

Certifications: Certified Organic

Our processing plant puts the silica through a rigorous cleansing process to remove debris. The resulting product is a 100% non-toxic cleaned material.

Organic Input Material under the USDA National Organic Program – The National Organics Program makes sure certain materials are compliant for use in production of organic consumables.

Arizona Aquifer Protection Permit Exemption – We are exempt from this permit because 98% of the water we use during our processes is collected and recycled for use again, and again.

US EPA TCLP (United States Environmental Protection Agency, Toxicity
Characteristic Leaching Procedure) – A compliance that confirms that our raw
materials and final products do not contain toxicities that are sometime pre-sent from mining and leaching operations.

ADEQ Air Notice (Arizona Department of Environmental Quality) – We comply
with air pollution guidelines to reduce our carbon footprint and contribute to overall air quality

                                                   Shipping & handling not included.

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